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Sustainable Communities

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Fannie Mae is finding innovative ways to responsibly increase access to credit, stimulate more housing supply, and reduce the overall cost of buying, owning, or renting a home. The Sustainable Communities Partnership and Innovation Initiative is addressing the nation’s shortage of affordable housing through partnerships in sectors adjacent to housing, such as employment, education, health, and wellness.

When families live in stable homes in a sustainable community, they have greater opportunities to prosper regardless of income. Yet, for many people looking for reasonably priced housing with access to reliable transportation and good schools, their search is fruitless because of the persistent imbalance between the supply of affordable housing and the demand. The result is a growing divide between those who can bear the cost of a home or apartment in thriving communities, and those who cannot. At Fannie Mae, our affordable housing mission calls us to help bridge this divide, to work with our customers and partners to overcome the many challenges Americans face in buying, owning or renting a home in communities that have access to job and services.

Recognizing that affordable housing is at the center of all healthy, vibrant communities expands our thinking, invites innovation, and encourages cross-sector collaboration to truly address the affordability crisis. The Sustainable Communities initiative is generating innovative ideas to help bring these solutions to bear. When we do, not only will Fannie Mae create a healthier housing finance market, but millions more American homeowners and renters will be able to access housing, affordably and equitably.?

38.1 million households spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing

About 64 percent of rent-burdened families have less than $400 cash in the bank; 50 percent have less than $10 in savings

Innovative solutions to address the affordable housing crisis?

The Sustainable Communities Initiative is an incubator for ideas that identify innovative solutions to address the affordable housing crisis. We strive to connect people with tools, and elevate and amplify ideas, to drive changes in the housing market around healthy, affordable housing and increased access to communities that are sustainable, offering quality education, health homes, and well-paying jobs. Sustainable Communities supports early-stage pilot programs that are then transitioned to Fannie Mae business units upon success.?