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The Difference You can Make Beyond Pride Month

June 27, 2019

by Amanda Benton
Governance Analyst

Amanda BentonJune is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month. This time of year, I reflect on how proud I am to work for a company that embraces diversity and allows me to be an ally both in and out of the workplace.

Through Fannie Mae's Live Openly Employee Resource Group (ERG), I'm able to promote being an Ally in the workplace.

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Developing Leaders with HITEC

February 26, 2019

by Lucy Elliott
Director of Project Management, Technology Business Management

Lucy ElliottA little more than three years ago, Fannie Mae entered into a partnership with the Hispanic Information Technology Executive Council (HITEC), and I believe, it has made a lasting impact on both of our organizations.

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Working in the Trenches at the Heart of Housing

January 24, 2019

by Brittany Maffett
Presentation Designer

Brittany MaffettFannie Mae believes that providing volunteer opportunities to eligible employees strengthens communities and engages employees in a meaningful and impactful way.

Through our SERVE (Serving, Engaged, and Ready to Volunteer Employees) program, eligible employees are permitted to use volunteer leave each year in support of relief work related to any federally declared disaster or emergency.

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Charting My Own Career Path - Fannie Mae Associate Program

December 26, 2018

by Kylee Nisker
Technology Analyst, Fannie Mae Associate Program

Kylee NiskerThe Associates Program at Fannie Mae is what attracted me to begin my technical career in the financial services industry. As a Technology Analyst, the program offers an entry level associate experience working with different types of technology in many diverse divisions and teams throughout the company.

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Empowering all at Fannie Mae

November 9, 2018

by Bill Loeffert
Vice President – Securitization Technology

Bill LoeffertEvery October, Fannie Mae joins many other organizations in the disability and business communities by participating in National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM).

At Fannie Mae, we strive to create an inclusive community that fosters an open and supportive working environment that meets the goal of "empowering all."

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The HERG and Campus Recruiting Host Fannie Mae's First Student Power Lunch

September 24, 2018

by Jose Mingorance
Director of Technology, Capital Markets Technology, COO

Jose MingoranceAt Fannie Mae, we strongly believe that Diversity and Inclusion are fundamental as to who we are, how we work, and our vision of being America's most valued housing partner. This belief is core to our talent lifecycle, recruiting strategy and initiatives.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are one of the key enablers of our D&I strategy.

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Creating a Memorable Summer for Our 2018 Interns - Part 2

August 24, 2018

by Cat Johnson
Campus Recruiting Project Analyst

Cat JohnsonLast week, we shared part one of "Creating a Summer to Remember for Fannie Mae Interns." Read more stories from our Summer 2018 interns as they shared their experiences interning with Fannie Mae!

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Creating a Memorable Summer for Our 2018 Interns - Part 1

August 17, 2018

by Cat Johnson
Campus Recruiting Project Analyst

Cat JohnsonEnsuring our interns truly experience the culture and career opportunities available at Fannie Mae is important to us.

Each year, we ask our interns to share stories about how they spent their summer. Read about some of the roles and adventures that they experienced during their ten week internships.

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Finding Value at Work

July 27, 2018

by Christina Caldwell
Communications & Marketing Specialist

Christina CaldwellWhen interviewing for my current position at Fannie Mae, I was told by a future colleague to ask myself three things about my ideal workplace: Do I believe in the mission of the company? Would I find the work personally fulfilling? Would I be challenging myself as a professional?

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My Journey as an Ally

June 22, 2018

by Margie Perscheid
Project Manager, SF Digital Products Operations

Margie PerscheidI have tremendous gratitude to Fannie Mae, the Live Openly ERG, and the Allies Working Group for their commitment to that future, and for helping me on my journey as an ally.

Fannie Mae is a proud ally of the LGBTQ community.

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The Women of Capital Markets

May 23, 2018

by Renee Schultz
Senior Vice President for Capital Markets

Renee SchultzI'm very pleased and proud to introduce this video that I hope captures the value of inclusive mentoring, and the great work happening at Fannie Mae, particularly by the women in Capital Markets.

I'm ... incredibly proud that Fannie Mae is a diverse and inclusive organization that gives us the platform to celebrate women, while naturally debunking common industry myths around careers in financial services.

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Making History Today: Celebrating Black History Month

April 9, 2018

by James Moore
Loan Servicing Spec III, Single-Family Credit Operations

James Moore As a member, and the treasurer, of the African Ancestry Business Leaders for Excellence (ABLE) Employee Resource Group (ERG), I always look forward to Black History Month at Fannie Mae.

Every year it sparks a renewed interest to hear from our community and its leaders, serve our community, elevate our members, and celebrate our rich heritage. Our theme for 2018's activities was "Making History Today."

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Operations & Technology: A Diverse and Innovative Team

January 26, 2018

by Daphane Womack
Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager, Office of Operations & Technology

Daphne WomackFannie Mae's Office of Diversity and Inclusion often references the motto, "Inclusion is the way we do business." In an effort to fully embrace that value, our Operations and Technology team conceptualized and implemented the Operations and Technology Diversity and Inclusion Program in 2014.

Solving for diversity and inclusion is a long term investment, and it requires commitment.

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Reflecting on Hispanic Heritage Month 2017

December 28, 2017

by Lucy Elliott
Director, Capital Markets Technology

Lucy ElliotThe Hispanic Employee Resource Group (HERG) celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month this past October with a robust and engaging line up of events for employees. Our goal is to expose Fannie Mae to positive and impressive role models in the Hispanic community.

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Women's ERG Mentorship Program Empowers Girls in STEM

October 27, 2017

by Chantal Spraggins
Finance Project Manager, Capital Markets

 Chantal SprigginsThe Women's Employee Resource Group (WERG) mentorship program at Fannie Mae was conceptualized in November 2016. We quickly realized that our company's focus on financial technology aligned with Science Engineering Technology and Math (STEM). Given the multidimensional value of mentoring, we called upon members of WERG to share how being a mentor has affected their lives.

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What It's Like to Intern at Fannie Mae: Summer 2017 — Part 2

September 1, 2017

by Jenny Luecking
Campus Recruiter

 Holly MokracekRead the rest of the stories Fannie Mae interns shared about what they found most valuable during their internship with the company in the second part of our series.

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What It's Like to Intern at Fannie Mae: Summer 2017 — Part 1

August 25, 2017

by Jenny Luecking
Campus Recruiter

 Holly MokracekThis summer, Fannie Mae hosted approximately 75 interns in various divisions across the company. We asked our 2017 summer interns to tell us a little about what they found most valuable during their internship, and they had some great stories to share!

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Reflecting on 7 Days to SERVE 2017

June 30, 2017

by Holly Mokracek
Human Resources Project Analyst

 Holly MokracekStarted in 2012, 7 Days to SERVE is a weeklong volunteering event that gives all employees the opportunity to volunteer with non-profit organizations. Employees partner with organizations such as homeless shelter kitchens, parks, youth mentoring programs, and daycares in low-income neighborhoods.

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How We're Celebrating LGBT Pride Month

June 16, 2017

by Renee Schultz and Tujuanna Williams
SVP for Capital Markets; VP and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Renee Schultz and Tujuanna WilliamsAt Fannie Mae, we see the month of June as a time to re-engage our commitment to fostering a more inclusive environment. And as the Executive Sponsor for Live Openly and the Chief Diversity Officer, we are excited that this year's pride month has provided an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments and the inclusion of the LGBTQ community within the walls of Fannie Mae.

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We Threw a Hackathon!

May 1, 2017

by Tracy Stephan
Director, Enterprise Innovation Team

Tracy StephanAt Fannie Mae, we work hard every day to bring new, innovative solutions to the housing market, and we encourage our employees to challenge the company to adopt breakthrough ideas and solutions. That’s why we recently participated in two hackathons.

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Fannie Mae is at the Heart of Housing

April 7, 2017

by Brian McQuaid
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Brian McQuaidWonder what it’s like to work for a large financial services company? Brian McQuaid, Fannie Mae’s Chief Human Resources Officer, paints a picture of the dynamic, diverse, and multigenerational workforce powering today's housing finance industry. Find out how his team supports employees and Fannie Mae's vision to be America's most valued housing partner.

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